Mmmm U Kno I H8 Ur Ridiculous Title Reqs I Mean At Least 10 Characters? What R U An Animal or Something?

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Mmmm U Kno I H8 Ur Ridiculous Title Reqs I Mean At Least 10 Characters? What R U An Animal or Something?

Post  Agentized on Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:39 pm

A beginning post to a role play lol if you read this PLEASE tear it the fuck up because I already know it's going to be so bad even if I haven't written it yet I fucking suck at starter posts, and the prompt we're doing doesn't help either, lmao.


The large wolf lay with his head on his paws, staring at the wolf-heap in front of him with his emerald eyes. Wolves of all colours and sizes lounged in the grassy clearing, some sleeping, others just lazing about. There was about seven of them laying in a circle-like pattern in the tall blades of green, which were bright and ripe for herbivores to rip and chew to their heart's content. Aaahhh, spring was such a nice, lovely time for most! Everything was so alive, waking from the deep slumber of winter! Babies were being born, colour was returning to the world! It was the time of year that the God of Life, Phaedra, loved the most, undoubtedly.

The large brown-speckled wolf lifted his head and looked off to his left, his ears and nose twitching. Moments later, a male of equal size approached him with another wolf following behind him.

"Everything looked clear to the south, Vidar." The silver wolf informed.

"Good. Looks like this sector might be starting to clear. I'm going to go head out on a patrol to the east. Send Drax, Anouk, Nuo, and Allie out to scout the west in the meantime, if you would." Vidar instructed as he rose to his paws. The other wolf gave a nod, "You got it." He began to walk off, then stopped, turning to look over his shoulder.

"Although, are you sure you would not like some company?" He asked.

"No, I'm sure I will be fine. I think I would like to take some time alone. Thank you though, Silvius." The Alpha replied, his appreciation for the thought clearly evident in his voice. With that, the two wolves both went their separate ways.

Vidar's travels to the east of the pack's location brought him fairly close to the Town. Not close enough that he would regularly interact with its inhabitants, but close enough that, from atop a large hill, it could be seen in the distance. Just far enough that most of its citizens wouldn't venture that far out, so interactions between the Galalirins were few and far between, but close enough that most demons, large or small, wouldn't even reach the Town's outer edge.

The wolf allowed his paws to carry him subconsciously, quietly, almost effortlessly over the ground-- it was a route he was all too familiar with. He had traveled along this path so many times that he needn't even think of where he was going. It just *happened*. Instead, his mind was elsewhere, thinking about many things. Past, present, what may come of the future; there was so much going on in his head other than what was before him. A snap of a twig and a few footsteps on the forest-floor later, and that had all changed. He stopped dead in his tracks, listening in with his ears. He raised his nose to wind, turning his head so he was downwind. Was that... was there a citizen all the way out here? He'd swear he was crazy or his nose was wrong, if he didn't already know its accuracy. That was the scent of a Lupinterrian. It had to be. What would his course of action be, he asked himself. Hm, well, he'd better go see what they were doing way out in the woods like they were.

With his nose leading the way, he went off in search of this stranger, moving quickly, but quietly. He didn't know what they were all about, and if he had to end up dispatching them, then it would be in his best interest to be able to ambush them. To strike quickly and accurately before they even knew what hit them. It took him some time to pinpoint the exact location of this stranger, but he finally found her. Was... was that a little girl? She was so short, but she looked far too mature to be really young. Hm, strange. He decided to just watch her from the coverage of nearby foliage and trees for a little while.

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