Idk What to Name This I'll Figure it Out Later (Help Me?)

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Idk What to Name This I'll Figure it Out Later (Help Me?) Empty Idk What to Name This I'll Figure it Out Later (Help Me?)

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Synopsis of Recent History:

The story I’m about to tell you is one that took place many light-years away, in a distant time. It took place on a planet by the name of Valkaria, rotating around a single star in a planetary system with five other planets. This particular story takes place during what is perhaps some of the darkest times in the history of this world-- a story of subservient peace, followed by the disquiet of war; a bit of reprieve ensued, followed by an even larger conflict. It is a story detailing many entities, but following one family in particular-- the Undarres. The Undarres were the royal family, the ruling power of Valkaria for decades. Some would say the death of King Aaron was the beginning of the end for them, but others would say that it was the start of a grand new era. For one individual, it is the story in which they gave everything, and they lost everything, to bring peace, love, understanding, and prosperity to all.

This story begins with a Prince by the name of Aaron Undarre, son of King Nicholas and Queen Helena. Prince Aaron was the only child of his mother and father, and thus Heir to the Valkarian Throne. At the age of eighteen, a small but noble house offered up the hand of their daughter in marriage to the young Prince in order to form an alliance with the Crown. Thus, Andaria Whitemore became betrothed to Prince Aaron Undarre, joining the houses of Whitemore and Undarre, with house Whitemore pledging themselves to the Undarres forevermore.

Shortly after the marriage of Andaria to Aaron, King Nicholas became ill, and following quickly after him was Queen Helena. After weeks of battling their sickness, both the King and Queen succumbed and passed on, leaving the newly wed Prince and his wife to become the new King and Queen of Valkaria. King Aaron took on his Kingly duties to the best of his ability. He led Valkaria through a time of peace, albeit at a cost. Keeping the planets in their system around them from being unhappy kept them safe from war, but it didn’t keep them from those planets walking all over them and taking advantage of Valkaria and her resources-- for you see, Valkaria’s mines were rich with certains metals and alloys that made some of their armor and weapons the best in the entire system. They were much desired by their neighboring planets-- they all wanted to profit off of what Valkaria had to offer. With King Aaron’s decision to let the others have what they wanted, he put the entirety of Valkaria into massive debt, and without money or food to keep an army well-fed and happy, they had no way to protest or protect their citizens when the other planets kept coming back for more and more. King Aaron achieved peace, but at what cost? Valkaria was in ruin. By this time, Aaron and Andaria had their first child; a daughter by the name of Elaena. Following after her were younger sisters Ailyn and Zanna, with their last-born finally being a son to carry on the Undarre name and lineage-- Ashe.

Only two short years after Ashe’s birth, the King grew dangerously ill. After fighting for weeks, calling in doctor after doctor to no avail, King Aaron was laid to rest beside his mother and father in the royal garden of the Ohkhshian Palace. It was in this time that Valkaria saw its first Queen rise to power. Feeling that none of her children were quite fit to rule yet, and seeing that she had the most experience with this kind of power out of anyone else, Andaria took the throne. Five years after Aaron’s passing, Andaria realized that Valkaria was too far gone for her to fix on her own. They simply didn’t have the funds or the resources on-planet that she needed to make things right. The only option she saw was her first-born Elaena, who was at this point a very accomplished fighter. She would need her to go out into the system and do whatever she could to secure large amounts of money for the Crown-- for Valkaria. Even if that meant sabotaging others’ supplies, or killing them if it came down to it. Elaena followed her mother’s wishes, becoming a notorious bounty hunter known far and wide for her successes in the field. She travelled from planet to planet, place to place, with the help of some of Valkaria's best mages. It was just what Andaria, and Valkaria, needed.

While Elaena spent thirteen years away from home bringing in currency for Valkaria, restoring what had been lost and securing their trade, her siblings had also begun to contribute in countless other ways to bring Valkaria back to its former glory. Ailyn honed her intelligence through the comfort of books, chess, and knowledge, sticking by the phrase ‘knowledge is power’. Zanna sweetened her silver tongue, opting out of battle and instead going for the more civilized ways of the diplomat-- she learned how to use speech and conversation to resolve some issues. And Ashe… Ashe excelled not only in the art of battle, but the ways of leadership, and seeking advice from all those around him.

By the time Elaena had returned home, her younger siblings had accomplished so much, both individually, but also as a team. Ashe had rebuilt Valkaria’s army. Ailyn could beat anyone in chess, answer pretty much any question anyone could think to throw at her, and could formulate the best strategies for the battlefield. Zanna was practically able to talk her way out of any situation, and mend relationships with other planets. Together, they had won a war that no one but they and the Queen thought they could have won. Ashe faced a dragon and lived, earned her respect and trust, and with her dying breath she gifted Ashe with her five eggs. With Ailyn’s help, he hatched them. And with Zanna’s help, he raised them until they were ready to go off on their own and fend for themselves. All except for one, who decided to remain by Ashe’s side-- Veraxes. But even the others fulfilled a crucial role; they made their homes on the towers at the center of the other major cities across the planet, guarding the sacred magic stored at the very top of the towers from those whom would wish to steal it and use it for their own gain. Together, they had brought peace and prosperity to Valkaria once again. However, it could not last…

This is where our story picks up.

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